Name: Lisa Omagari
Position: Head of Editorial & Native Content at oOh! Media
Industry: Media
Graduated: 2014
Promotions since graduating: 2
Biggest takeaway: Build a network of senior sponsors/influencers

A systematic, yet individual approach, is what makes the Women’s Career Advancement Program (WCAP) work. That’s WCAP graduate Lisa Omagari’s take on the program that resulted in her earning a promotion mid-course.

Two years on and Lisa’s career is continuing to flourish – in fact, she has received yet another promotion. She details how the WCAP equipped her with the necessary skills to finally move forward in the challenging media industry – and stay there.

Lisa credits her progress to the personal mentorship received from program founder and leadership expert, Gillian Fox. “Gillian’s mentorship helped me truly understand the importance of resilience, assertiveness and influence in business.”

Assertiveness drives results

A rare force in leadership training, Gillian’s approach is far from cookie-cutter. She understands that everyone faces different challenges and adjusts her coaching to suit. Gillian helped Lisa identify and navigate her own set of personal obstacles by offering practical solutions.

“Working in an industry experiencing constant and rapid-fire change means that resilience is key,” explains Lisa. “Gillian’s program taught me the process of managing perceived truths in order to forge forward and break new ground.”

The WCAP assisted Lisa is shaping her understanding of the power of influence and taught her how to cleverly tap into her assertiveness to drive results. One of the strategies involved identifying and securing strategic sponsors – a tactic that Lisa would most likely never have executed had it not been for the program.

“As a result I have built, developed and maintained a network of senior sponsors who’ve ultimately helped me secure two promotions,” Lisa says.

Lisa completed the program with some colleagues and a surprising outcome of the program has been the genuinely deep and meaningful relationships she has built with them and other participants in the program.

Connections afford constant support

“Despite being from completely different parts of the business or industries, these connections have afforded a constant support mechanism. As colleagues, and now true friends, Gillian’s program helped bridge the gap by encouraging the open sharing of information, opinion and support.”

That is the core of the Women’s Career Advancement Program: uniting women in their common goal of  becoming powerful and poised business leaders in the corporate ecosystem. And it’s all made possible by Gillian and her team’s genuine infectious passion for their students’ career development.

It certainly paid off for Lisa, who has now established herself as a leader in the oOh! business and strengthened her overall career confidence.