High Performance Leadership Coaching Program

Have you got a talented leadership team who’re hitting roadblocks when it comes to excelling as a leadership team?

What if you could remove the roadblocks? What if you could give them a plan to take control of their own leadership development and ultimately their careers?

The High Performance Leadership Coaching Program transforms leadership potential into high-performing leaders

It uses proven techniques and research to help overcome the three common roadblocks to leadership, transforming talented managers into confident and persuasive leaders.

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Roadblocks to effective leadership?

Through years of research and training we’ve identified three main roadblocks to leadership effectiveness:

  • Not being mentally tough
  • Not staying aligned to the things that matter most to the business
  • Inability to drive results through others

Each of these roadblocks can be overcome by identifying when and why they occur, as well as how they impede great leadership. Participants leave with an action plan for understanding these roadblocks and effective strategies to overcome them.

How participants are transformed

The program works by breaking down the three roadblocks to leadership success, and empowering participants to take charge of their strengths, weaknesses and their careers. 

Packed with insights and practical advice, participants define their most pressing leadership challenges, and devise a plan enabling them to continue learning by doing.

Participants learn to:

  • Identify the three roadblocks to leadership and why they occur
  • Devise an action plan for understanding these roadblocks and becoming a better leader
  • Project strength when times get touch
  • Prioritize the most important initiatives
  • Identify which relationships matter and why
  • Drive accountability through others.

Leaders finish the program with a new sense of ownership: for driving high-performing teams; achieving their organisation’s goals; and taking charge of their careers.

Program Format

This is an intensive five-month program, enabling sponsors to see immediate results from their participating talent and to benefit from a personalized approach that aligns with their organisation’s goals.

  • One initial group session unpacking the roadblocks to leadership advancement
  • Four individual executive coaching sessions, helping talent to identify their strengths and address their improvement areas.
  • Access to Gillian Fox over phone, email or face-to-face throughout the entire program.

The individual coaching sessions take leaders to the next level. They’re personally supported and mentored in applying the tools they’ve learned to their current role. We’ve found this approach drives measurable results – both behavioural and financial. Rather than simply supplying them with the right information, they’ll be armed with a step-by-step plan to reach business goals.

Cost and booking

Our corporate programs can be booked for any date and are held in-house. They’re perfect for 12 or more people. Please contact us on +61 2 9239 5080 or email info@gillianfox.com.au to discuss.

More information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on +61 2 9239 5080 or submit this enquiry form. 

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